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All Electric

Presented by Chris Goodsell, All Electric is a featured segment on Road Ramblings and is broadcast Australia wide across 22 radio stations.

Each month Chris and Daniel briefly discuss various topics relating to electric cars in Australia, from policy and infrastructure to the latest EV models and accessories.

Episode 01: Electric car affordability

We discuss the affordability of electric cars in Australia and how automakers such as MG and Tesla are aggressively pricing their vehicles to challenge their fossil fuel competitors.

Episode 02: Electric car charging

We discuss various ways you can charge and electric car from charging at home to using public high-speed chargers.

Episode 03: EV driving range

We discuss how many kilometers you can expect to drive an electric car on a single charge.

Episode 04: Electric car safety

We discuss whether electric cars are actually safer than fossil fuel vehicles.

Episode 05: EV performance

Do electric cars perform well? How quick is a Tesla? In this episode we talk about how electric cars compare when it comes to performance.

Episode 06: EV incentives

We discuss some of the incentives currently available for if you are looking to purchase an EV in Australia.

Episode 07: Chinese electric cars

We explore some of the awesome electric cars that china is producing and what it could mean for EV competition in Australia.

Episode 08: Autonomous driving

We discuss where EV manufacturers are at in regards to autonomous driving, why they are investing heavily in this area and some of the benefits of self diving cars .

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