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Every Electric Car Available in Australia Ranked by Real-World Driving Range

Knowing the real-world battery range on an EV that you are considering to purchase is something of a necessity, so we have gathered the real-world battery range figures from every electric car that is currently available for sale in Australia and ranked them from highest to lowest. We have obtained our figures from various reputable consumer sources and we believe that the figures represented in the chart below are very achievable in average driving conditions.

Real-world driving range of new electric cars

It is no surprise that Tesla takes 6 of the top spots on our list, with the Taycan coming in at lucky number 7. Hyundai has done reasonably well here in 8th position considering the Kona’s realistic pricing.

It is good to see that all 3 Porche Taycans, the Mercedes-Benz EV400, Jaguar i-Pace and both Audis all deliver between 350-400km of real-world range, which appears to be the median range from all the available models.

At the bottom sits the Mini Electric with a real-world range of only 185km, which is to be expected for a small car with a 32.6kWh battery.

For the latest ranking results please visit our live ranking page.

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