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Ever since I was very young, I’ve been mesmerised by vehicles of all kinds. As a teenager, I would spend many hours a day tinkering around with cars, whether it was repairing, rebuilding or customising.

One thing was for sure: I was fascinated by the wonderful world of cars and the joy they brought not only to myself but also to those who shared a similar passion.

A big turning point came when I first drove a Tesla. 

It was in 2017 when I first drove a Tesla Model S (P100D) that changed my perspective on the future of automobiles. 

You see, I have always been around high-performance cars and have been fortunate enough to either own or drive them over the years. Whether it was a Porsche 911, Bentley or twin turbo AMG, I was always impressed by the engineering and ability of those high-powered machines, they would never fail to put a smile on my face. 

But the Tesla was something totally different. The ability to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in under 3 seconds with no engine noise and to deliver peak torque at 0rpm was something I’d never experienced in my life. Not only was it a magical moment for me as an automobile lover, but it was also the moment I realised that ICE cars would eventually be history.

Because the EV revolution is so consequential I decided to create this website.

“Truly great revolutions permanently disrupt the status quo.
I believe Electric Vehicles will rank among the greatest of all.”

– Daniel Calo, Founder of EV Mojo

With my 20-year background in both automotive and technology, I wanted to create a site where people can get honest advice and recommendations on electric cars and accessories.

EV Mojo is the logical extension of my experience, passion and need to share. Its mission is simple:

  • Guide people in selecting the best EV products
  • Help them understand EV technology and the industry’s landscape
  • Untangle what is currently transpiring throughout the EV world

It’s all to make the EV experience as rewarding – and as much fun – as possible for people like you!

Along with visiting this site, I hope you’ll subscribe to receive our regular newsletter, where you will get the latest new vehicle updates, guides, and reviews. Thanks!

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Daniel Calo
With an all-consuming interest in vehicles and technology of every kind since childhood and a career that includes working for marques such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Daniel believes that Electric Cars will rank among the greatest revolutions since the automobile itself. He sees this inspiring movement as an unprecedented opportunity for both individuals to participate in and for society to benefit from.


Sam D. Smith is the Executive Editor at EV Mojo. With a passion for everything, automotive, Sam has worked for esteemed publications such as Torque, Motor Magazine, and Top Gear.

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