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How to install a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y Spoiler


Installing an aftermarket spoiler on a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is a relatively straightforward process. Like anything, preparation is key to a professional finish.

A correctly installed spoiler should last for the life of the vehicle, however, many aftermarket spoilers sold today, unfortunately, provide inadequate installation instructions or poor quality adhesive.

If your spoiler does not come with pre-fitted 3M automotive-grade body tape, we advise that you replace the tape it came with 3M automotive grade tape. This will ensure the best possible adhesion for the long term.

What tools and materials do you need?
You will need some basic tools and materials prior to installation, we have listed them here and provided the product links if you need to purchase them.

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Time Needed : 30 minutes

How to install a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y spoiler

  1. Prepare the surface

    Clean the paint surface with isopropyl alcohol, ensure there are no particles or bumps in the paintwork.

  2. Position the spoiler

    Place the spoiler on the vehicle (without peeling the mounting tape) and position it until it is 100% centred. Use the painter’s tape to hold it in place in several spots

  3. Warm up the surface

    If the temp of the paint surface is below 25 degrees Celsius, use a heat gun to bring it up to around 30-40 degrees Celsius.

  4. Stick the ends down

    Peel a small amount of the adhesive double-sided tape on each end of the spoiler and place the spoiler within the tape markings.

  5. Remove the adhesive tape

    Firmly press and slowly peel the mounting tape across the entire spoilerModel 3 spoiler installation - Peeling adhesive tape

  6. Tape down and warm up to activate the glue

    Tape down the spoiler and using the heat gun gently heat up the spoiler to activate the glue and ensure maximum long-term adhesion. Wait at least 2 hours and then remove the tape.

  7. Finishing up

    Remove the gaffer tape that was holding the spoiler tight and wipe down any marks or residue from the tape.

    If there is a section that is not stuck down, use the heat gun to soften the glue and tightly gaffer tape the section down.

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