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Best Tesla Model 3 Spoilers and Buying Guide


If you are looking to give your Model 3 a sportier appearance, a spoiler would undoubtedly be one of the easiest and most cost-effective modifications you could do.

Thanks to the rising popularity of the Model 3 there are now a number of after-market spoiler options available. Each option offers different looks and benefits, which one you choose will depend on what you are trying to achieve, do you want a spoiler purely for looks or do you want to improve the rear downforce?

In this article, we will look at some of the more common spoilers available and compare them on looks, benefits and price.

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5 of the Best Tesla Model 3 Spolers

Tesla Model 3 Spoiler Reviews

ThinSGO carbon fibre spoiler

Our Pick

  • Available in matte or gloss finishes
  • Real carbon fibre
  • Perfect fit
  • Cheaper options are available
  • Some quality control issues
  • Same look as many others

If you are after a real carbon fibre spoiler with a sleek OEM look the ThinSGO spoiler is hard to pass. Weighing in at just 453 grams it is available in both matte and gloss finishes.

Some people have reported quality control issues relating to the finish and 3M tape placement, however, ThinSGO will swap for another one if you receive a defective spoiler.

The best thing about the ThinSGO carbon fibre spoiler is that many users have reported no lifting on the ends, something that Tesla’s own OEM spoiler has been known to do from time to time.

If you want a sleek real carbon fibre spoiler that fits well and has a similar look to the genuine Tesla spoiler the ThinSGo spoiler is a great pick, especially as it is available in both matte and gloss carbon fibre finishes.

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Tesla Genuine Spoiler

Upgrade Pick

  • Original Tesla look
  • Fitting included in price
  • Genuine carbon fibre
  • Most expensive option
  • Some reports of gaps
  • Not differentiated from other Teslas

This is the genuine Tesla spoiler for the Model 3. It weighs in at 370 grams, is made from real carbon fibre and has a matte epoxy finish. If you want to give your Model 3 a factory OEM look, similar to the Performance this spoiler will undoubtedly tick that box.

One thing to consider with the genuine Tesla spoiler is that installation is included in the price. This will either be positive or negative for some people, as Tesla does not give you the option to install it yourself in order to save on any service fees.

There have also been some reports that this spoiler produces gaps over time as the adhesive delaminates, however, Tesla is generally pretty good at fixing any issues that may arise with any of their genuine accessories.

If you want the simplest and easiest way to get a carbon fibre spoiler on your Model 3, this is the way to go, all you need to do is to visit the Tesla store, purchase the spoiler and book your service appointment.

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Quwan Auto lip spoiler

Budget Pick

  • Low-cost option
  • Fits nicely
  • Looks original
  • Made from plastic
  • Longevity questionable
  • Not as light as carbon fibre

This has to be one of the best value for money options out there. Made by Quwan Auto this ‘carbon fibre look’ spoiler provides pretty much all the benefits of a lip spoiler without the cost. A great choice for those that want to add a bit of sportiness to their Tesla without breaking the bank.

To achieve such a low cost the Quwan Auto lip spoiler is made from plastic, wrapped with carbon fibre printing and then clear coated. Overall the quality is very reasonable and comes with the usual 3M tape for a quick and easy install.

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Bomely matte black spoiler

Minimal clean look

  • Nice matte black finish
  • Low cost for the quality
  • 3 other finished available
  • The included adhesive is not very good
  • Made from ABS plastic

If you want a finish other than carbon fibre, Bomely offer a couple of different options that may appeal to you. Their lip spoiler is available in either carbon fibre or black and also offer the option of gloss or matte for either.

The one we have in the image above is their matte black spoiler and we believe it is one of the best priced matte black spoilers on the market. Fit and finish is excellent, which is to be expected from a company that has passionately been providing Model 3 accessories since 2017.

One thing to note with this spoiler, however, is that the adhesive tape that comes with the spoiler is not the usual 3M tape that is widely used in the automotive world and some users have reported delamination over time. Our advice would be to replace the provided tape with some genuine 3M automotive-grade tape if you were to purchase this spoiler.

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JC Sportline Carbon Fibre TailWing

Aggressive Looks

  • Aggressive looks
  • Excellent build quality
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not the lightest spoiler out there
  • People may use it as a table
  • A larger spoiler may show gloss imperfections

JS Sportline may be a newer name when it comes to carbon fibre spoilers but don’t let that deter you from the quality products this company has been putting out recently.

This particular Model 3 spoiler is one that grabbed our attention as it was one of the more aggressive-looking carbon fibre spoilers and still keeps within a reasonable price.

The fitment is pretty much spot on, however, keep in mind that a spoiler this large will ass a few extra grams of weight as well as possible downforce. A small price to pay for such an awesome aggressive look.

It is common for lower cost large spoilers to have some minor gloss imperfections. A bit of polish can fix them in most cases, just don’t expect perfection in the gloss coat.

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Spoiler round-up conclusion

Overall we believe that the ThinSGO spoiler is one of the best spoilers out there, it does a great job of balancing quality with price and fits the Model 3 perfectly. Supplied with 3M tape, installation is not too difficult.

For those who want the easiest option, nothing will beat the Tesla genuine spoiler for ease of ordering and installation, just book it in on your account and let the Tesla team do the rest.

If you are looking for the cheapest option without compromising on quality, we believe the Quwan gloss lip spoiler is hard to beat.

If it is aggressive looks you want, the carbon fibre tail wing from JC Sportline is a great quality high-profile spoiler that will be sure to turn some heads.

Tesla Model 3 Spoiler Buying Guide

We have put together this Tesla Model 3 spoiler buying guide to help untangle some of the confusion around Tesla Model 3 spoilers and provide you with some things to consider when selecting and purchasing a spoiler for your Model 3.

Carbon fibre vs plastic or fibreglass spoilers

Generally speaking, carbon fibre is considered to be the more premium option here, particularly as carbon fibre is generally lighter and stronger than the alternatives. In the racing world, carbon fibre is used extensively on cars to shave off weight from various components.

In modern road vehicles, however, carbon fibre components are mainly used for aesthetic reasons. Performance variants of vehicles will add carbon fibre spoilers, mirrors and interior finishings as a way to differentiate their higher-priced models. In some cases, plastic or fibreglass may even be lighter than the carbon fibre versions.

This is why many spoilers on the market may have a carbon fibre look but are in actual fact, plastic or fibreglass with carbon fibre printing. Telling them apart is not easy unless you look closely.

Whether you get your Model 3 spoiler in carbon fibre, plastic or fibreglass, the main thing to look out for is if the spoiler is correctly shaped and not warped. Some cheaper carbon fibre spoilers have been known to come undone over time as the curve does not match the shape of the vehicle 100%. Because of the nature of how carbon fibre is shaped, we advise only going with proven premium carbon fibre spoilers.

Spoiler for maximum EV efficiency

When it comes to electric cars spoilers may have an effect on the vehicle’s battery range. From our findings, although some spoilers may reduce drag and improve efficiency, the benefit appears to be very small, however, anything you can do to improve your drag coefficient is a plus.

When choosing your spoiler try and find out whether the manufacturer has tested their product and has any data relating to efficiency. In our quest, we found that most manufacturers, unfortunately, do not provide much information on efficiency, maybe because the difference is so small and difficult to prove. Logic, however, would say that larger winged spoilers that provide more downforce would have a negative effect on range, this is something to consider if EV driving range is important to you.

The downforce of a spoiler

The original reason spoilers were made was to provide downforce to the rear end of the vehicle. The added downforce of a spoiler, particularly at higher speeds, will hold down the rear end of your Model 3 and increase stability.

Unless you are looking to track your car, many road users will notice very little difference in the downforce that a spoiler creates (at normal road speeds), particularly as the Model 3 already has a very low centre of gravity and balanced weight distribution.

The design and style of a spoiler

This one is purely subjective and will depend on your taste. Spoilers can be used as a way to make your Model 3 look different to every other Model 3 on the road, particularly if you have one of the more popular colours. The contrast of a black spoiler on a white or Red Model 3 can give it a nice distinguished look

One thing to consider here is that spoilers with a more aggressive design may lead to more downforce which in turn may lead to reduced battery range. If on the other hand you simply want to make your Model 3 look a bit sportier, a slimline carbon fibre spoiler can add that perfect touch without looking too aggressive and still retaining the OEM look.

Painting a spoiler to match to the colour of your Model 3

There are a few spoilers out there that are designed to be painted prior to mounting them to your Model 3. The main things to look out for with painted spoilers are quality and cost.

If you get your spoiler painted by a reputable paint shop it should be fine, however, we have seen some poor quality paint jobs over the years that lead to premature fading and peeling. There is nothing worse than spending the money to get a painted spoiler only to have it peel after a couple of seasons.

Another issue we have seen is the paint colour not matching the vehicle correctly, whilst most paint shops will use the factory paint codes, the paint mixing machines on the other hand may not be calibrated correctly, ultimately leading to very slight variations in colour.

The best thing to do is paint a sample piece and put it up against the car to ensure it matches 100% prior to getting the spoiler painted and fitted.

Installing a Tesla Model 3 spoiler

Most spoilers available today come pre-shipped with adhesive tape and the process to install the spoiler is fairly straightforward.

We have created a Tesla spoiler installation guide here


There is a bit to consider when choosing the best spoiler for your Tesla Model 3. The main considerations are around appearance, functionality price and quality. How you value each of those aspects will depend on your needs.

Overall we recommend that above all you choose a product that has proven to be of good quality, fits well and will last a few years.


  1. Is a Tesla Model 3 spoiler worth it?

    The main purpose of a spoiler on a model 3 is aesthetics and downforce. If you vale either of these, then a spoiler will be ‘worth it’ for your Model 3.

  2. Does the model 3 spoiler do anything?

    The factory spoiler on a Model 3 Performance will increase the downforce of the rear end effectively creating more grip when cornering at high speeds.

  3. Will a spoiler increase the range on a Tesla Model 3?

    Whilst some spoilers may in fact reduce the drag coefficient of the Model 3, most spoilers will increase downforce effectively decreasing range. The range difference is relatively minor.

  4. Is the Tesla Model 3 spoiler easy to install?

    Most aftermarket spoilers are very easy to install, you just need to correctly prepare the surface and ensure you have centred the spoiler prior to removing the adhesive tape.

  5. How much does Tesla Model 3 spoiler cost?

    Whilst the genuine carbon fibre spoiler from Tesla costs around $800 USD, aftermarket spoilers start from $50 for plastic spoilers and average around $250 for carbon fibre.

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