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Best Tesla Model 3 / Model Y Jack Pad Adapters & Buying Guide


When jacking up any Tesla, particular care needs to be taken to avoid any battery or paintwork damage, which of course can result in thousands of dollars in repair costs, which no one wants.

This is due to the fact that Teslas have a very unique underbody design compared to regular vehicles as the majority of the underside is taken up by its high-voltage battery. 

Although you can use generic jack pads or jack adapters with all Teslas, the Model 3 can take advantage of specifically designed jack adapters that click into its jack points and provide a much safer and sturdier jacking point that won’t slip or move when lifting the vehicle.

There are many different Tesla Model 3 jack adapters available, some are excellent whilst others can be downright dangerous. A quality jack pad is a must-have Tesla accessory for your Model-3 or Model-Y that you can easily keep handy in the Frunk.

In this article, we compare 5 popular jack pad adapters that are available on the market today, we will then discuss what to look for when choosing the best Tesla Model 3 jack pads for your needs, and finally, finish off by answering some common questions people have about jack pads and their Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y.

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5 of the Best Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Jack Pad Adapters

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Jack Pad Adapter Reviews

Both the Model 3 and Model Y share the same jack point dimensions, therefore any jack pad adapter that is designed for a Tesla Model 3 will also be compatible with a Tesla Model Y.

CZ Industries low-profile Model 3 aluminium jack pads

Our Pick

CZ Industries Low-Profile Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapters
  • High-quality aircraft aluminium finish
  • Available in different sizes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Still pricier than most options
  • Doesn’t have a magnet
  • Way too pretty to be used as a jack pad

The CZ Industries low-profile aircraft aluminium jack pads are high-quality, durable, and feature a meticulous finish.

Made out of high-quality 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium, the CZ Industries low-profile Model 3 jack pads stand out as one of the most stylish options out there. Don’t worry about putting this fashion piece into action as there is a custom-made Delrin acetal plastic washer that serves to prevent any possible damage to the puck itself.

Unlike a conventional grip, the CZ Industries jack pads feature a groove that spans the entire baseline of the jack adapter making it easier to dislodge from the jacking socket.

Apart from offering low-profile jack adapters, CZ Industries also provide thicker standard-profile tools which should satisfy every type of consumer and lift post alike.

Although it doesn’t come with a magnet to click it in place, a silicone o-ring does the job admirably here. By ordering a set of four pads, you’ll also receive a carrying case to store them safely when out of use.

All CZ Industries parts are purchased in the U.S. and the pads themselves are made in Auburn Hills, MI. Price-wise, these aircraft-grade aluminium jack pads are a mid-range solution.

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Reverse Logic second-gen Model 3 / Y jack pads

Upgrade Pick

Tesla Model 3 Reverse Logic Jack Pads (2nd gen)
  • Retractable self-adjusting magnet that clicks the tool in place
  • Safety yellow silicone band that reminds you to remove the tool
  • LDPE washer that prevents damage to the painted surface
  • One of the most expensive options on the market
  • Not made of aluminium
  • Only available in a low-profile size

The second-gen Reverse Logic Model 3 & Y jack pads consist of a low profile puck with a retractable magnet, safety yellow silicone band, and a low-density polyethylene washer.

The second-gen Reverse Logic Model 3 & Y jack adapter’s retractable self-adjusting magnet extends 5mm over the post itself when inserted into the jack point of your car which locks it in place, while the silicone o-ring stabilizes the tool and helps maintain the magnet/chassis contact.

Its safety yellow silicone band serves as a grip and reminds you to remove the tool from the jack point once the work is done at the same time. A low-density polyethylene washer slots atop the tool itself and prevents damage to the painted area from contact with the floor jack.

The second-gen models are exclusively available as a low-profile option and are only 18mm thick. This helps accommodate taller floor jack saddles and higher 2-post lift arms while still providing plenty of clearance between them and the car’s floor pan.

A set of four Reverse Logic second-gen jack pads for Tesla Model 3 and Y takes 170mm in total together with the case (which is included) thanks to a smart, nesting design.

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Dewhel Model 3 aluminium jack pads

Budget Pick

Dewhel Model 3 aluminium jack pads - red
  • Made out of lightweight yet durable aluminium
  • Four different colour options
  • One of the more affordable options
  • Only come in standard-profile size
  • Rubber washers of lower quality
  • They don’t come with a storage case

Dewhel aluminium jack adapters for Tesla Model 3 are lightweight yet durable and come in four different colour sets which should satisfy even the pickiest of buyers.

Dewhel produces one of the best budget Tesla Model 3 jack adapters out there. This simple, yet effective tool comes in four different colour sets including black, silver, blue, and red which adds some pizzazz to what most people consider is a fairly uninspiring tool.

Weighing just over 200 grams (7.2 ounces), Dewhel jack pads are slightly heavier than some other options on the market despite being made of lightweight aluminium alloy. Bear in mind, however, that they’re also thicker than most being available exclusively in standard-profile size. 

Being on a more affordable side, this Dewhel jack adapter set of four doesn’t come with a carrying case and features a somewhat uninspiring rubber washer which comes exclusively in black regardless of the jack pad’s colour itself.

Likewise, its rubber o-ring only comes in red making your choice harder if you’re looking for a uniformed solution. These visual solutions don’t have any impact on the jack pad’s functionality though, as Dewhel tools are as good as they come.

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Basenor Model 3 / Model Y jack pads

  • More affordable than most other options
  • One-piece moulding rubber more durable than most
  • Precision grip
  • Tends to deform under heavy load and improper use
  • Rubber smell doesn’t go away
  • Jack pad post often too long for most Model 3 jacking sockets

Basenor jack pads for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are made out of hard rubber which makes them more affordable than their competitors without sacrificing much in the way of durability.

The Basenor jack pads are made out of durable rubber and sport a 25mm post that’s long enough even for the deepest of Tesla Models 3 and Y jacking sockets. Furthermore, the post features a hollow point that serves to locate the centre of the jacking socket and thus position the tool precisely into place.

Due to differences between socket depths from model to model, however, some might find the post too long to fit in its entirety. Although not exactly low-profile, the Basenor jack adapter isn’t as thick as most standard-profile pads on the market either.

Available exclusively in black, this tool features a red rubber o-ring that keeps it inside the jacking socket at all times. Ordered in a set of four, the Basenor jack pads are shipped with a convenient conventional storage container. However, more expensive competitors tend to provide customized carrying bags and containers of higher usability and aesthetical value. 

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CZ Industries low-profile Model 3 UHMW jack pads

Budget Pick #2

  • One of the more affordable options on the market
  • Stylish design and quality finish
  • Durable UHMW polyethylene
  • Not as refined as its aluminium counterpart
  • Not as durable as its aluminium counterpart
  • Only one colour choice 

Ultra-high Molecular Weight polyethylene Tesla Model 3 jack pads from CZ industries provide the stylish design of their aluminium counterparts in a much more affordable package.

The CZ Industries ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene jack pads for Tesla Model 3 come at almost half the price of their aircraft aluminium counterparts but feature the same functional design (if not the same quality finish). The secret behind the UHMW’s high durability and relative lightness is its high molecular weight and surface of about 3 to 6 million molecules. 

A silicone o-ring helps the pad to remain in place once latched onto the jacking socket of the Model 3’s undercarriage. The groove design of the pad’s base provides grip for easy handling. The CZ Industries UHMW pads are exclusively offered in black and don’t require a protective washer of their aluminium counterparts.

If you buy a set of four adapters, you’ll also get a protective storage casing, but CZ Industries also sells a set of two adapters as well as offers individual units.

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Jack Pad Comparison Table

CZ Industries AluminiumReverse LogicDewhelBasenorCZ Industries UHMW
MaterialAluminiumlow-density polyethyleneAluminiumblack rubberUHMW Polyethylene
ColourAluminium / WhiteBlack / YellowBlack, Silver, Blue, RedBlackBlack
Puck Height19mm18mmNA25mm19mm
Weight (4)397 grams114 grams800 grams726 grams148 grams
Includes CaseYesYesNoYesYes
Magnetic NoYesNoNoNo
O-Ring TypeSiliconeSiliconeRubberRubberSilicone
Quality Rating55434
Our VerdictOur PickUpgrade PickBudget Pick2nd Budget Pick
— Check Price —— Check Price —— Check Price —— Check Price —— Check Price —

Jack pad round-up conclusion

In our humble opinion, the CZ Industries low-profile Model 3 aluminium jack pads stand out as the best overall choice. 

They’re stylish, durable, and lightweight thanks to their high-quality aircraft aluminium finish. At the same time, they won’t break the bank like our upgrade choice from Reverse Logic. 

The clear advantage of the Reverse Logic jack pads are their retractable self-adjusting magnet, which is industry-leading in design, however, at a price tag that is twice that of the CZ Industries’ aluminium adapters, it is left for those who simply want the best at any cost.

The Best value award goes to the Dewhel set of aluminium jack pads which come in multiple colour options and undercut our top pick in terms of price, but fail to provide some nifty perks that the winner does (silicone o-ring, carrying case, different size availability).

Finally, both the Basenor and CZ Industries UHMW jack adapters are among the most affordable options on the market, yet they don’t sacrifice much in terms of quality. The latter of the two would be our other budget choice as it offers a similar design as the winner, albeit with a lower-quality finish.

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Jack Pad Adapter Buying Guide

We have put together this jack pad buying guide to help untangle some of the confusion around Tesla Model 3 jack pads and provide some points to consider when selecting and purchasing jack adapters that are suitable for your needs.

Are jack pads necessary for jacking up a Tesla?

In short, yes, jack pads are necessary for jacking up a Tesla. As the battery pack of a Tesla resides in the undercarriage of the vehicle, it is highly recommended that jack pads be used whenever the vehicle is to be lifted.

By using jack pads, whoever is lifting the vehicle will have a very clear and defined point of contact for the jack and thus reduce any chase of lifting the vehicle from the battery accidentally.

Tesla Model 3 Model Y safe Jack points

Another benefit of using jack pads is that it can also reduce the chance of damage to the paintwork, particularly around the side skirt area as the pads provide a sturdier lifting point and reduce the chance of the jack slipping out.

Do you need to buy vehicle specific jack pads?

In short, it depends. Model 3 and Model Y share the same underpinnings and therefore jack adapters designed for a model 3 will also fit a Model Y and vice versa.

However, both Model S and Model X are different from each other and different again from the 3/Y. There are some jack pads available that claim to be suitable for all Tesla models, although that may be technically true, they achieve this by making the adapter head smaller so it can loosely fit in the slot of all the models.

This means that these universal adapters will not lock in place on your Model 3 or Y and therefore you will lose some of the safety benefits that model-specific adapters with this locking feature will provide.

Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads locked in position
Jack pads that lock in place make it much easier to line the jack-up with the vehicle jack point.

The defining feature of jack pads for a Model 3 or Model Y is their self-holding mechanism which helps them lock into place. Whether it’s with help from a magnet or a silicone o-ring (or both).

This lock-in design helps to improve the speed and safety of jacking up your Tesla while also reducing the chances of damaging your vehicle from a slipping jack or incorrect jack placement.

Plastic vs Metal Jack Pads

There are 2 main types of jack pads that you can get for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y, these are;

Plastic and rubber jack pad adapters

Tesla Model 3 Model Y rubber jack pad adapter
Rubber Jack Pad Adapter

Plastic and rubber jack pads are usually some of the most affordable options on the market. They’re simple in design but equally as effective as their more expensive counterparts and most people will find them sufficient for their jacking needs.

As the composition of rubber and plastic varies significantly between products, care must be taken in selecting a product that is of high-quality as lower quality plastic/rubber pads have been known to shatter or crack. Because of this, many people tend to prefer metal over plastic.

Metal jack pad adapters

Tesla Model 3 Metal jack pad adapter
Metal (Aluminium) Jack Pad Adapter

Metal (usually aluminium) jack adapters are of higher quality than their plastic/rubber counterparts, and many will find their stylish appearance more appealing. Being made of metal, they are more durable and have less flex than the plastic options.

Overall metal jack pads will last much longer due to the simple fact that metal is stronger than plastic or rubber. In saying this, however, not all aluminium pads are created equal and care must be taken in selecting pads that are made from high-grade aluminium.

Cost-wise, metal adapters tend to be more expensive than most of the plastic options available.

What are the advantages of high-quality jack pads?

There are several advantages in selecting good quality jack pads rather than the “cheaper” alternatives.

Quality jack pads will last longer

Quality jack adapters will be more durable and potentially last longer than those of inferior quality, this will mean that you will not need to re-purchase new pads in the future. Not to mention, poor quality pads could break during a lift causing damage to your vehicle or worse yet, personal injury.

Cracked poor quality jack pad
A poor quality jack pad that has cracked over time

Quality jack pads are safer

Jack pads that are purpose-built for the Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y are designed with the correct diameter tip and will fit in place when inserted. This makes for much easier lifting as you reduce the chances of incorrectly positioning the jack or worse yet pinching one of your fingers as you guide the pad in place, ouch!!

Model 3 Model Y jack adapter in vehicle

Whether you are using the pads yourself or keeping them in the frunk for the tyre shop, owning quality jack pads will pay for themselves over time.

How to choose the best jack pads?

Like any product out there, choosing the best jack pads can be overwhelming, whilst there are some things to be aware of, a lot of it will come down to your personal preference.

If you’re planning on using them regularly either because you clock up more mileage or because you change your tyres or wheels between seasons, it’s often a good idea to invest in higher quality jack pads that are made out of sturdier materials.

On the other hand, most Model 3 or Model Y owners will hope to use jack adapters as rarely as possible and a simple affordable solution could be the way to go here. 

Magnetic vs o-ring

High-quality jack pads for the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y will feature a lock-in feature that keeps the pad in place, making for easier lifting. One thing to note, however, is that whilst many will have the o-ring, some also feature a magnet to assist in holding the adapter in place both before and after the jack has been raised.

Jack pad height-profile

The height of a jack pad can also make a difference, as low-profile jack adapters can accommodate taller floor jack saddles and higher 2-post lift arms.

Before purchasing your jack pads ensure that your jack has enough clearance to accommodate the jack pad. If your clearance is limited, then a low profile adapter will be necessary.

Jack pad weight

We have found that there is a significant weight difference between different jack pads. In the Jack adapters that we reviewed, the lightest set was 114g whilst the heaviest was 800 grans.

Although this type of weight range is nothing to worry about if keeping them in your frunk, we have found that many people commented that some heavier pads were not holding in place as the o-ring was unable to support the weight of the jack pad.

Jack pad colour

Choosing a jack pad set with a distinct colour can reduce the chance of accidentally leaving the jack pads in place after lifting your vehicle. Although this may not be an issue for you, busy tyre shops have been known to leave the odd adapter in place from time to time.

An adapter accidentally left in place may then fall out whilst driving which could cause damage to your vehicle or worse yet injure a pedestrian. Not to mention the cost of replacing a lost jack pad.

Is a carry case important?

High-quality jack pads will come in a case or bag of their own. This will help keep them organised and tidy as well as ensure that no workshop grease makes its way into your frunk over time. 

Jack pad adapter protective cases

Buy just one or a get a set of four jack pads?

Some vendors sell single jack pads, whilst at first, it may seem cheaper and rational to only purchase one jack pad, this will limit the ability to lift more than one corner of the vehicle at a time.

Many tyre shops use 4 post lifts and thus will require 4 adapters. Also if you plan to do a tyre rotation at home, you will need at least 2 adapters handy. Therefore it is advised that jack pads be purchased in a set of 4.

How to use jack pads on a Tesla?

Using jack pads on a Tesla is relatively simple but there are still some ground rules to follow;

Familiarise yourself with your vehicle

For starters, make sure you read the vehicle’s manual to acquaint yourself with the layout and location of your jack points as well as the precautions relating to the expensive battery pack. Spending 5 minutes here can save you thousands in potential damages.

Use a reliable, high-quality jack

JEGS 80077 3 Ton Professional Low-Profile Floor Jack

This is one area that many seem to overlook. For a safe and sturdy jack, we recommend using a reliable hydraulic floor jack such as the JEGS 80077 4000lb Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack. This type of jack gives you the highest level of stability and control whilst jacking your vehicle, as they have a larger footprint and are rated for very heavier loads than scissor or bottle jacks.

Keep in mind that the Model 3 has a ground clearance of around 4.5 inches or 115mm once the jack pad is in place so you will need a low-profile jack. The Jegs one we have mentioned above goes as low as 3.5 inches so sliding it under any jack pad will be fine.

A kneeboard will increase comfort.

Kneeling on the ground can be uncomfortable and may cause you to rush the task. Using a kneeling pad like this one can make working low down more comfortable and allow you to take the time needed to complete the work reducing injury.

Gloves to protect your hands

Good quality gloves will provide you with a better grip of both the jack handle and wheel brace as well as keep your hands clean and safe. Either way, keeping a well-fitting set of gloves in your frunk is a must for any Tesla owner, you never know when they may come in handy.

Make sure your vehicle is correctly supported.

Do not work on an incorrectly supported vehicle as doing so might cause damage to your Tesla or even injury to you or others. As a minimum, we recommend using suitable wheel chocks, this will ensure that when you lift the vehicle it does not roll and cause the vehicle to fall off the jack. We always recommend jacking your Tesla on a flat and level surface as well.


As you can see, there are a few things to consider when selecting a set of jack pad adapters for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. What’s important is that you make sure to select jack adapters that are suitable for the Model 3/Y as incorrect adapters can lead to battery damage which no one wants.

Keeping a set in the Frunk is an easy way to ensure you will always have a set available regardless of when and where you may need them next.


  1. What Are Jack Pads or Jack Adapters?

    Jack pads or jack adapters are a product that sits between the jack and the vehicle body and ensures that the person jacking the vehicle lifts it by the designated jack points only and not by the battery.

  2. Are jack pads necessary to lift a Tesla?

    In short, yes, it is highly recommended to use jack pads when jacking up a Tesla as they provide a sturdy and secure point to lift the vehicle from.

  3. What do the Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads Look Like?

    Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y jack pads all feature a simple disk-shaped design with a tip that goes into the small jack point socket. The tip itself is typically enveloped by a silicone o-ring which stabilizes the disk in the jacking socket itself.Tesla Model 3 Metal jack pad adapter

  4. Will a Tesla model 3 jack pad fit other models?

    Although Model 3 specific jack pads may fit other models, it is recommended to use jack pads that are designed for the vehicle.

  5. Are Tesla jack adapters safe?

    High-quality jack adapters that are purchased from reputable vendors are considered safe and are used by many tyre shops and service centres around the world.

  6. Will a regular jack fit under a jack pad?

    In most cases yes, regular jacks will be compatible with most jack pads or jack adapters. With a jack pad in place, the Tesla Model 3 has a ground clearance of around 4.5 inches or 115mm. Therefore, it is recommended to use a hydraulic trolley jack as they generally are lower profile than a bottle or scissor jack.

  7. Do I need to have 4 jack adapters?

    Although 4 jack adapters are not necessary for removing a single wheel, if you are rotating wheels or need to remove more than one wheel at a time, you will require more than one jack adapter, therefore it is best to keep 4 on hand.

  8. Will a Tesla Model 3 jack adapter fit a Tesla Model Y?

    Yes, Model Y has the same size jack sockets as the Model 3 so you can use them for either vehicle without any issues.

  9. Is it ok to lift a Tesla Model 3 without jack adapters?

    It is still ok to jack up a Tesla Model 3 without jack adapters, however, the chance of damage to the high-voltage battery is increased if the jack is positioned incorrectly.

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