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Best Gift Ideas for Tesla Owners [for under $50]


We all know how hard it can be finding meaningful gifts for some people, so we have put together these practical, fun and quirky gift ideas that we believe every Tesla owner (or fan) may appreciate.

From Mugs to Models, Caps and Hoodies there should be something in this list for every Tesla lover.

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Here are the best gift ideas for Tesla owners

Black Tesla Coffee Mug

Black Tesla Coffee Mug

Let them drink their coffee or tea while they watch their Tesla charge in the driveway. This mug has an 11oz Capacity and will be sure to stir some conversation.

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Mini Tesla Supercharger – Phone Charger

Mini Tesla Supercharger Phone Charger

They can ‘juice’ their phone in style with is this mini Tesla Supercharger that is actually a phone charger. Compatible with all smartphones this charger is available with either a Lightning, USB Micro or USB C connector. These are 3D printed using high-grade materials and are hand assembled, making them a very unique gift option.

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Tesla Smart Ring

Let them leave their phone key in the car and gift a sleek, waterproof Tesla key ring that unlocks their car with a tap! It’s a great gift for the adventurous Tesla owner or regular beachgoer. This one is not under $50, but we thought it was one of the more clever gifts that would be appreciated by any Tesla owner.

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Tesla Baseball Cap

Tesla baseball cap

Keep things simple with this pre-curved Tesla baseball cap. If you are not sure whether they would like one of the other more quirky products in this list, a baseball cap can sometimes be a safe bet. Available in 11 different colours get them one that matches their Tesla.

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Tesla Brushed Stainless Steel Keyring

Tesla brushed stainless steel keyring

Even though Teslas are keyless and the newer models make do without any key-fobs, this brushed stainless steel keyring is still very cool. Chances are they will still own and use traditional keys for their home, work or other cars they may own. Give them something to remind them of their pride and joy no matter where they are.

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Tesla Unworthy – Metal Parking Sign

Let them mark their territory with this humorous parking sign. If their parking spot at home or work is constantly being taken by those ICE vehicles, this may be the answer. This sign is baked on a polymer-surfaced lightweight aluminium.

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Tesla Model X 1:32 Diecast Model Car 

Tesla Model X Diecast Model Car

Let them enjoy the beauty of the Falcon Wing doors whilst working at their desk with this 1:32 die-cast model. This mini Tesla be sure to bring out their inner child.

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Tesla Cotton Hoodie

Tesla Cotton Hoodie

Nothing says I love Tesla more than a big Tesla logo on a hoodie. Make them proud of their Tesla with this quality hoodie. Made from 100% cotton this lightweight hoodie is perfect for autumn and early winter.

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Tesla Cuff Links with Lapel Pin

Make it formal with these Tesla cuff links and matching lapel pin. These handmade cuff links will add some Tesla style to their next event. The Pin and matching cufflinks are packaged in a beautiful gift box and enclosed in an organza drawstring bag.

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Tesla S3XY Humorous Electric Car Poster 

Tesla SEXY S3XY poster

Give them this S3XY gift that they can hang on their wall with pride. Many Tesla fans and owners appreciate the naming convention Elon Musk gave his cars. It does not matter which model they own or love, this poster will represent their beauty in true S3XY fashion, (unless of course, they own the original Roadster). This high-quality poster is made from heavy-duty 80lb satin paper and won’t pucker and wrinkle as others do.

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