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New Details of GM’s Hummer “Supertruck” Announced


More info has been teased about the upcoming GMC-branded Hummer EV. No longer a standalone entity, the once Greenpeace-hated Hummer nameplate is set to return sometime in 2022 as an electric sub-brand of GMC. The GMC Hummer EV line will feature both a new all-electric truck and SUV, solidifying the American automaker’s commitment to introducing more mainstream electric cars and trucks. 

The resurrection (of sorts) of the Hummer nameplate to champion electric trucks and SUVs comes as GM plays catch-up to the likes of Tesla and new electric start-up Rivian, who have both stolen a march on traditional automakers. Tesla’s Cybertruck and Rivian’s EV R1T will be available for consumers sometime in 2021 — a full year ahead of GM’s proposed GMC Hummer EV truck debut. 

The sphere of EV SUVs and Trucks looks set to become a prime battleground for the future of electrified vehicles. And for the crucial US market, SUVs and trucks now account for a whopping 70% of market share*. 

Not much was revealed about the new Hummer EVs, but there were a few key points to be had — including that it’s the only SUV or truck, to our knowledge, that is endorsed by LeBron James. Celebrity endorsements aside, a key number from the teased info was 1000 — 1000-horsepower to be exact. 

We were also teased with a series of features, including two modes: Adrenalin and Crab. Adrenaline mode is likely to follow in the vein of some kind of all-out power setting to achieve the 3.0 second 0-60mph time that was also announced. But what has our intrigue if Crab mode. Could it be some kind of feature that enables sideways movement? Or just an ultra-low-range gear setting? Colour us intrigued.

GM's Ultium battery powering the upcoming HUMMER EV
GM’s Ultium battery

Another interesting tidbit is GM’s new approach to battery tech. The GMC Hummer EV Truck will feature GM’s new “Ultium” line of batteries with fast-charging capability. Par of the course, but crucially they’re being produced with LG Chem at a new state-of-the-art factory. GM has taken the step to develop and invest in this battery technology, which promises to be cheaper while offering the GMC Hummer Truck up to 400 miles of full-range charge.

While we hope, it isn’t too-little-too-late for GM’s EV ambitions, the competition will be fierce. Tesla’s Cybertruck* is already boasting a 2.9 second 0-60mph time and an EPA-estimated 500-mile range. Only time will tell, subscribe to the EV Mojo Newsletter to get all the latest updates on the GMC Hummer EV truck. 

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